About Warrick

I’m a master’s student finishing a degree in computational linguistics in Göteborg, Sverige (Gothenburg, Sweden). My research interests are both practically and theoretically oriented, with some optimism that the intersection between these two camps is larger than it may initially seem. Practical interests include : design and implementation of programming languages, parsing, the relation between natural and computer languages. My theoretical inclinations touch upon type theory, category theory, and how these formalisms are related in the so-called doctrine of computational trinitarianism.

I have many passions outside the academy, although there’s never time in a day to get to them. These include painting (oil and oil pastel), photography, digital fabrication, and music, generally. I’m additionally engaged with alternative ways of thinking about and realizing different social, political, and economic systems that aren’t ecologically suicidal and where authority isn’t so hierarchically oriented. An example in this direction would be Burning Man, prior to its embrace of a capitalist ethos (depending on when you define this having taken place - perhaps 1996, 2011, and 2014 are interesting years to consider).

I’m always down to discuss any of the above topics, or a range of others, either digitally of physically. I’m always keen to meet new people, and indeed think all humans are infinitely interesting.